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Uta Brouet is a sculptor and printmaker, raised in Germany and working in London and South of France. 

She creates anthropomorphic and hybrid figures, totemic guardians that convey a vibrating force in their upright posture and powerful stillness. These primeval beings, part human, part spirit, fauna or organic form, are rooted in a very personal mythical universe.  Her imagery explores a highly imaginative and animistic parallel world, touching on Norse mythologies, fertility cult studies and anthropological research on the sacred object. 

Her creative process always starts with an intuitive phase: through playful association of materials and objects she captures unconscious fleeting impressions. Intimate and meditative, the act of drawing opens a space of interiority, a fragile realm of dormant ancient knowledge. Imposing biomorphic drawings form an integral part of her work. Immediate and experimental, these drawings slowly bring into sculptural form the purity and wildness within every life form. 

Influenced by her upbringing on a farm in Germany she strongly responds to the nobleness of organic matter, wood, soil, rust and bones, and likes to oppose them with the manmade, glass, metal or bronze. The intrinsic qualities and the contrast of these materials underline the duality of all life-forms: feminine-masculine, strong-fragile, profound-light, nurturing-destructive. 

She likes to create sculptures of human dimensions or slightly larger scale, beings that the viewer can walk up to, get next to, measure up with and dialogue with. They are playful and sensual, yet their beauty has a disturbing element, which creates a feeling of ambiguity and challenge, questioning the position of humans in the constellation of the natural world.