Sculptures - Drawings - Installations
Expressing the complexity of life through simple and strong images


Uta Brouet is a sculptor and printmaker from Germany,  working in London and South of France. 

She makes large scale drawings and sculptures using a variety of contrasting materials to create anthropomorphic totems and hybrid figures.
These primeval shapeshifters are rooted in an animistic universe and tell stories from different cultures throughout time and space, on how human beings tried to make sense of their relation to the physical and spiritual world. 

The totemic guardians, which convey a vibrating force in their upright posture and powerful stillness are part human, part spirit, fauna or organic form. Uta's imagery explores a highly imaginative and animistic parallel world, touching on Norse mythologies, fertility cult studies and anthropological research on the sacred object. 

Imposing biomorphic drawings form an integral part of her work. Intimate and meditative, the act of drawing opens a space of interiority, a fragile realm of dormant ancient knowledge.  Immediate and experimental, these drawings slowly bring into sculptural form the purity and wildness within every life form. 

Installation view: 'SHAPESHIFTING'- A Virtual Exhibition