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Uta Brouet is a sculptor and printmaker, living and working in London and South of France. 

She creates anthropomorphic and hybrid figures, totemic guardians that convey a vibrating force in their upright posture and powerful stillness. They are rooted in a very personal mythical universe, touching on Norse mythologies, fertility cult studies and anthropological research on the sacred object. Form, line and haptic sensations are essential to her work. The use of opposing materials underlines the duality of all life-forms: feminine-masculine, strong-fragile, profound-light, nurturing-destructive.

Her sculptures are of human dimensions or slightly larger scale, beings that the viewer can walk up to, get next to, measure up with, dialogue with. They are playful and sensual, yet their beauty has a disturbing element, which creates a feeling of ambiguity and challenge, unsettling the position of humans in the constellation of the natural world.