Lockdown Drawings

30works30days project with the 12ø collective

Lockdown drawings from April 2020

30works30days was a month-long project launched by the 12ocollective.com group for makers, where participants were required to submit a new piece of work daily for every day for the month of April. 

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Lockdown drawings April 2020

12ø began 30/30 in 2015 to encourage making and experimentation. With the time restriction of one day you may find that the choices you make, the corners you cut, and those ideas that you couldn’t quite realise, are just as telling as the work that you produce.
In 2020 there were 1,108 artists of all ages participating from 42 countries around the world!! Over the project 18,016 works were submitted on the website.
I have shown these works in my recent 'Virtual Exhibition' in Belgium. Please find photos and a video of a selection of these drawings. 

We have just begun a second round of lock down. Are you afraid ? It feels different this time. Strangely, I had very much taken advantage of the very special environment for inwardness. Will I be as calm again as in April and May ? It had been a very prolific time.