Meet the artist


Uta Brouet is a sculptor and printmaker, living and working in London and South of France. 

As a child growing up in Germany on a farm, Uta would draw energy and comfort from touching objects in nature or just being in specific spaces. Today, she creates images of solace. Anthropomorphic, hybrid figures, totemic guardians, that convey a vibrating force in their upright posture and powerful stillness.

Form and haptic sensations are essential to her work as they have the power to awake primal emotional responses through memory of touch. The use of opposing materials (metal, wood, glass, jesmonite) underlines the duality of all life-forms: feminine-masculine, strong-fragile, profound-light, nurturing-destructive, inanimate-alive.

There is something at once both mysterious and familiar about her pieces, which seem to be rooted in a very personal mythical universe, touching on Norse mythologies, fertility cult studies as well as anthropological research on the sacred object. 

She likes to create sculptures of human dimensions or slightly larger scale, beings that the viewer can walk up to, get next to, measure up with, dialogue with. They are playful and sensual, yet their beauty has a disturbing element, which creates a feeling of ambiguity and challenge, unsettling the position of humans in the constellation of the natural world.

Uta had an international career in publishing, communications and marketing, fashion and interior design before graduating from Heatherley School of Fine Art in London in 2012. She was awarded the Heatherley Sculpture Prize in the same year. In November 2015 she won the “Public Choice” Prize, awarded by the Broomhill Art and Sculpture Foundation. Recent exhibitions include: “Totem” at Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation in France, ‘One and Three’ at KPMG London Headquarters, Canary Wharf; ‘12@Menier’, a collaborative group show she has organised at The Menier Gallery, Southwark, London; ‘London- Berlin - Contemporary Art by Women’ at the German Embassy in London. She has completed numerous commissions for private art collectors in Europe and the United States. 

Working in her studio

Modus operandi

At the beginning there is always something that triggers my attention, a picture, an object, a material, a form. This is when the playing starts, a period of observing, handling, associating, assembling, adding, reducing. It is a state of complete freedom and presence in the moment allowing intuition to surface. It takes strong will to keep thoughts at bay about the practicality of a piece and how it may by perceived by third parties. In a subsequent stage I alternate pencil and charcoal drawings with model making. The drawings become bigger and bigger until they are human size and offer eye to eye interaction. This is when a metamorphosis takes place and a new presence manifests itself.

At this stage I step back, I observe and evaluate what I’m actually doing. In which direction am I evolving? What associations have I intuitively been following? I then fuel my thoughts with research using literary, scientific, mythological, anthropological and visual image sources. The intellectual reflections transform the intuitive approach into a more conscious one. The story which has been slowly forming under the “skin” of things surfaces.

Usually, I work on my own in close conversation with my piece, but I also enjoy working in a team of artists and craftspeople, who bring their own ideas and suggestions. It is always an exciting moment, when I manage to communicate my empathy for a work, for a material, a movement, an inner attitude, to the team and they begin to share that feeling. And we get up and just make a new object of art!

Selected Exhibitions and Prizes

'We grow into the Forest', an interdisciplinary group exhibition inspired by our relationship with nature, curated by Judit Prieto Rovira, London: 
  • 14-24 March - Art Pavilion Mile End Park, London E3

'HUMAN', a group exhibition of 9 London-based female artists at the German Ambassador's Residence in London
'In a Country far, far away', cross border group exhibition, curated by ArtCatcher, London: 
  • 1-17 March - Art Pavilion Mile End Park, London E3
  • 29 April - 16 September - Fairy Tale Museum in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

'A Midsummer Night’s Dream', Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation, Avignon, France 
'HUMAN', a group exhibition of 9 London-based female artists at the German Ambassador's Residence in London

'D-Formes', Monte-Arena, Montaren-et-St Médiers, France 
'Totem', Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation, Avignon, France 
'Sixty', Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Centre for contemporary Curation, London
'One and Three', KPMG London HQ, Canary Wharf, London 
'12@Menier', Group Show at Menier Gallery, London 

Nov 2015: “Wandering” announced to be the ‘Public Choice’ Winner 
of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize
 after being exhibited from 
June 2015 to April 2016 at the Broomhill Sculpture Park. North Devon, UK
'BERLIN - LONDON, Contemporary Art by Women', German Embassy London 

West London Original Prints Show, London 
The French Art Studio, various groupshows, London 

'Landscape and Memory', Hewer Street Studios, London 
'Marius', Hôtel Carré Noir, Santa Giulia, Porto Vecchio, France 
Heatherley's Printmaking Exhibition, London 

Heatherley's Degree show. Winner of the Heatherley Sculpture Award 2012 


November 2015 Winner of the ‘Public Speaks’ Broomhill National Sculpture Prize. 
July 2012 Winner of the Heatherley Sculpture Award after a two years 
Sculpture Diploma Course at Heatherley School of Fine Art, Chelsea, London.