Dog Love


Dog Portrait selected by the British Society of Portrait Sculptors for their annual show FACE2021

The international artist known for her abstracted totemic figures keeps returning to traditional portrait studies of humans and animals. Uta grew up on a modern farm in the Soester Boerde in NRW, Germany  and her daily work with hunting dogs in her youth has sharpened her observation of the psyche and anatomy of these noble animals. Her portraits in bronze and three-dimensional wire sculptures always start with detailed drawing studies. Her recently completed bronze portrait of a Hungarian Vizsla was selected by the prestigious Society of British Portrait Sculptors for their annual exhibition in May.

The artist spends a lot of time observing and drawing the anatomy of dogs in order to gain a deeper understanding of how to embody their elegance and spirit. Working closely with her bronze foundry in London she supervises all steps of the long production process. This enables her to achieve the tactile quality of the bronze and the warm, deep colour of the patina.

It is being sold as a limited edition of 9. The edition is for sale at studio price until the end of June 2021. 
Please contact Uta by phone or email if you would like more information.

Also, you would like a portrait drawing of your loyal friend, Uta would be delighted if you would contact her to discuss details.